Ocean Find: 1964 Bonneville Station Wagon

Unearthed by winter storms in Morro Bay, California is what appears to be a 1964 Bonneville station wagon. The car was reportedly abandoned in 1973 after stalling on the beach and now after nearly 40 years of decay in a salty graveyard this piece of American iron is a nature crafted sculpture. It’s amazing how the backseat and parts of the door panels appear unaffected by the ravages of the elements. The car was gone a few weeks later- perhaps returned to the sculptor for some finishing touches.
pontiac1_smPhoto: Mike L. Baird

Photo: Mike L. Baird

1966 Pontiac Bonneville Rusted AbandonedPhoto: Mike L. Baird
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9 Responses to “Ocean Find: 1964 Bonneville Station Wagon”

  1. stephen says:

    Hello – I am following you now on Pinterest. Love both the classic cars – and the cool rust. this one is amazing! I guess the owner forgot where it was parked! If you have a moment – come visit my cool rust – classic images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sph001/collections/72157629546402817/


  2. Dean says:

    Love your ‘Rust is beautiful’ photos!

  3. boxer says:

    What the hell did they make those seat covers out of? LOL. And check out the bumpers.

  4. zach says:

    What a waste of classical iconic iron,…must be nice to just forget about a car such as this on a beach somewhere ….i wonder if the keys are in ignition….just saying if you walk away like that then do it PROUD

  5. john says:

    That ‘Morrokhide’ vinyl that Pontiac used was good stuff!

  6. 2VT says:

    Uh, OK………..well…………uh, parked the car over there and had a bunch of beers, see and uh, well it was a long time ago………

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  9. George says:

    It looks like a coral reef that beached itself. Doesn’t even look like metal anymore…

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