Ernie Banks- Hall of Famer and Plymouth Salesman


Ernie Banks is my all time favorite baseball player. I truly believe that he may be the happiest man on the face of the earth. His eternal optimism and perpetual smile to anyone who has never followed him would at first probably seem like an act. But for someone who has followed him for 40 years I can tell you that Ernie’s happiness is sincere.

Ernie played in an era where ballplayers would work during the off season to pick up a few extra bucks. Some guys worked construction, others dug graves, anything to make some money. Ernie Banks sold Plymouths and I bet he was good at it. With Ernie’s charm, I could see him turning a Valiant looker into a Fury buyer in no time.

The pictures here were taken on November 4th 1959. Ernie was working that day when he found out he was named the National League MVP for the second straight year. You can see Ernie sitting in a Valiant reading the press release about his MVP award. I’ll bet Ernie sold a few Furys that day!



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  1. Could you imagine a baseball player doing something else to generate income? Too funny!

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