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1971 Dodge Challenger 383 Road Test

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Here is a period road test of a 1971 Dodge Challenger 383. The clip comes from the show “Car and Track” which was hosted by Bud Lindemann and aired on CBS from 1967-1975.

Even though the term “muscle” is used to describe the cars power, Bud refers to the cars as “super cars”. In this road test, Bud can already see the end the the “super car” era noting that skyrocketing insurance rates will likely kill them.

Dodge La Femme- Never a Car More Distinctively Feminine

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009


In 1955 Dodge introduced the La Femme, the first and only American car marketed exclusively for women. “Never a car more distinctively feminine than La Femme….first fine car created exclusively for women!” exclaimed the brochure. Though short lived, the 1955 -56 La Femme had a unique chapter in automotive history.

Show cars in the 1950’s with a feminine appeal were actually somewhat common with GM leading the charge. The Cadillac Eldorado Seville Baroness, Pontiac Pink Parisienne and the Chevrlet Impala Martinique were some of the cars making the show circuit. In 1954 Chrysler joined the show car trend by introducing his and her cars- La Comtesse and Le Comte. The La Comtesse sported a plastic top and a two-tone exterior of Dusty Rose and Pigeon Gray. The luxurious interior was finished in cream and dusty rose leather. The Le Comte naturally sported masculine colors.

The La Femme was introduced in the Spring of 1955 as a $143.30 trim and accessory option for the $2,543  two door Custom Royal Lancer. The exterior color scheme was Sapphire White and Heather Rose. Gold colored “La Femme” scripts replaced the standard “Custom Royal Lancer” scripts on the front fender.

The interior also came with feminine appointments. A “stunning shoulder bag in soft rose leather” resided in a special compartment behind the drivers seat. Inside the shoulder bag, a compact, lighter, lipstick, coin purse, cigarette case and comb could be found. The upholstery came in a pattern of pink rosebuds woven into a pale silvery-pink background. Interior seat trim was pale pink vinyl. In 1956 the purse accessory was dropped and replaced with designer rain gear consisting of a hat, raincoat and umbrella, protecting “Milady” from the elements.

The La Femme was dropped for the 1957 model year, likely a victim of a fairly high price for the option and a lack of promotion by Chrysler. There is no evidence that there was any advertising campaign used to promote the La Femme.


1956 Dodge La Femme Pictures Copyright Christopher Ziemnowicz