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Vintage Billboards

Friday, February 5th, 2010

I know in her “Beautification Campaign”  Lady Bird Johnson fought to remove billboards from America’s roads, but some of these billboards are works of art.

Just like Mom,  women’s clubs were always looking out for our well being.

This 1950’s  billboard looks very 1970’s.


When cowboys ruled a kids world.


Looks like a nice Jaguar and Lincoln.


The never ending quest for a clean restroom.


This one has me hungry for a piece of cake!


I guess this makes her the Queen of National Sign Week.


Without checking, I’ll bet Bob Hope was the host.


I used to love these rotating signs. I wonder if it rotated to Don Drysdale and Maury Wills?


You Talked to “Bob”

Friday, February 20th, 2009

You talked to Bob and he offered you a great deal on that new Edsel you’ve been eyeing but you’re just not sold on the looks of the new Ford. “Nice car, but that grill looks likes a toilet seat” you thought. Bob let you walk, but being the top car salesman that he is, he’ll be giving you a followup call. Bob’s ready to offer you the deal of the century for that Edsel. The Edsel is yours.

100 Years of Automotive Color

Sunday, February 8th, 2009
1970 Plymouth Color Chips

1970 Plymouth Color Chips

A look at 100 years of automotive color history can be seen at Auto Color Library. The website has over 125,000 original paint chips that can be browsed by the make and year of the car.

I took a look at the Plymouth library over the years to see how color palettes have changed with the times.

Reflecting the war years, colors had names like ‘Aviator Blue’, ‘Artillery Green’ and ‘Gunmetal’. With with the hiatus in automobile production during the war, Plymouth didn’t introduce a new colors until 1949 but car colors were still mostly dark greens, blues, browns, grays and burgundies. Yellow was the only lighter color to be had.

It wasn’t until the mid 50’s, when two-tone paint jobs became fashionable that palettes expanded. A look a the 1955 color chart reveals the softer pastel colors that are ubiquitous with the decade. Names included ‘Pompano Beach’, ‘Santa Rosa Coral’, and ‘Tampa Turquoise’

In 1970 at the height of the muscle car era, Cudas, GTX’s and Road Runners could be ordered with Hemi engines and outrageous bold colors that included ‘Lime Light’, ‘Vitamin C’, and ‘Tor-Red’.

1974 shows a green, gold and yellow palette. ‘Yellow Blaze’, ‘Golden Fawn’ and ‘Avocado Gold’ were popular colors for cars and kitchens alike.

If you need to order paint for your classic car project or just want to research color chips from the past Auto Color Library is a great resource.