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Magic Highway 1958

Friday, December 18th, 2009

1958 Disney short exploring the future of American automotive transportation. A utopian view where everything is effortless and automated. Some of the predictions in the movie have come true; rearview cameras, real-time traffic updates, automatic navigation and giant drills that can cut through solid rock.  The idea of exercising must have been eliminated by the Disney futurists as even walking is by conveyor.

Vertical Car Shipping

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

In an effort to cut shipping costs with it’s brand new 1971 Vega Chevrolet worked with Union Pacific to develop “Vert-A-Pac” which allowed 30 cars to be shipped versus 18 that a normal boxcar could carry. Because of the vertical shipping method, the railcars were taller than normal forcing the railroad line to follow special routes to avoid low overpasses.

According to Collectible Automobile The Vegas had four removable steel sockets inserted into the undercarriage. As the Vert-a-pac car doors were lifted and closed the Vegas would roll forward an catch on hooks on the doors. When the doors were fully shut the Vegas were suspended side by side, roof to roof.

The Vega’s engine oil pan had a special baffle to keep oil from seeping into the number 1 cylinder while the cars were vertical. The battery caps, carburetor float bowls and windshield washer fluid reservoirs were also designed to prevent fluids from leaking during shipping.



Baseball great Maury Wills scores a new MG

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

In a season-long battle of ballots, Maury Wills stole a short lead and slid home just ahead of Tommy Davis as the most popular Dodger in an annual event sponsored by Roy Rogers and Frank Millard of Frank Millard Sports Car Center in Encino. Maury was presented a brand new MG roadster for stealing the show. Tommy Davis, as runner up, made a powerful stretch drive and was rewarded by Rickey Biagi with a gift certificate for fifty-two weeks of gourmet dining at his Rickey’s Valley Inn on Sherman Oaks Blvd. Photo dated: October 16, 1962.
maury wills mg

Rainy Day

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Series of photos taken on a rainy day in 1967 from inside a Plymouth Valiant.

1955 Thunderbird Fender Bender

Friday, December 4th, 2009

I can’t say I blame her for being upset and given the way the police officer is talking to her it looks like it may have been her fault. I’ve never seen these wheels covers on a 55 Bird. I wonder if these were dealer installed. The Photos were taken in June of 1958 in Los Angeles. Does anyone know the location?


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