The VW Bus Ball

Just about everyone knows that the guys in ZZ Top are big car guys. It seems like every time you see them they’re not far from a classic street rod. Well,¬† the other night my wife had the pleasure of seeing ZZ Top in concert as part of special VH1 concert that was shot here in Chicago. One of the guys she went with is a big art car guy and he mentioned to her that she had to check out the VW Ball owned by ZZ Tops¬† Billy F Gibbons. What an amazing piece of art!

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3 Responses to “The VW Bus Ball”

  1. I’ve seen that VW ball around on various forums and VW sites but I never knew it was created by Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top – crazy cool.

  2. This is some engineering feat and really something to look at in complete awe. I love that it looks like the old VW van too. You think it’s possible to get inside it?

  3. What kind of creativity designs a ball for art….out of an old vw bus? crazy?

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