The first Amphicar?

Could this be the first Amphicar? These pictures show a much different Amphicar that was first sold in the U.S. in 1961. The New York  license plates date the photos to 1960.  Notable differences from the production Amphicar include the lack of a front bumper, a flatter front end and different looking fins that include stacked round tail lights. It’s quite possible that the manufacturer needed to make the modifications to satisfy the DOT and the Coast Guard!





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  1. Dustcarts says:

    In water as well as on land, the Amphicar steered with the front wheels, making it less maneuverable than a conventional boat. Although underpowered by modern standards, a well-maintained Amphicar can be an agile and pleasant vehicle to drive on both land and water.

  2. dayrider says:

    Mine had twin ejector seats and was nuclear powered of course :))))

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