Sport Magazine gave away Corvettes to MVPs- Sorry Pete Rose!

For years Sport Magazine would choose an MVP for each of the major sports championships and award them with a brand new Corvette. Sandy Koufax, Johnny Unitas and Frank Robinson were among the sports icons who walked away with a snazzy Corvette for their athletic accomplishments. At a time when many athletes worked in the off season to make ends meet winning a $5,000 Corvette was a significant prize.

Strangely, in 1975 Pete Rose was given an AMC Pacer when he was awarded the MVP from Sport. Pete doesn’t look to disappointed about the Pacer, and with a salary of $175,000 he could easily afford any car he wanted but is that the car a big shot athlete wants to bee seen driving around in?


johnny-unitasJohnny Unitas with his 1960 Corvette

U1091822Johnny Podres with his 1955 Corvette

sandy-koufaxSandy Koufax with his 1964 Corvette

U1587517-2Frank Robinson with his 1967 Corvette

2 Responses to “Sport Magazine gave away Corvettes to MVPs- Sorry Pete Rose!”

  1. adam hood says:

    I never knew they gave away cars for mvp interesting. I think its awesome that they gave them corvettes I love those.

  2. beverly says:

    Thats funny everyone gets a corvette except pete rose. Wonder why they gave pete a pacer.

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