Mod Top MoPars

Flower power collided with the automotive world in 1969 and 1970 when Mopars could be ordered with the ‘Mop Top’ option. Buyers had the choice of choosing from several floral patterns and colors:

  • Mod-Top with floral interior.
  • Mod-Top without floral interior.
  • Regular vinyl roof with floral interior
  • Convertible Barracuda, with a solid color top, and the floral interior.


This 1969 Barracuda is ready for Woodstock


Not to be confused with the Mop Top option, MoPars could also be ordered with a paisley top as seen on this 71 Plymouth.


6 Responses to “Mod Top MoPars”

  1. Mårten says:

    Absolutely lovely! Spotted a 1970 Fury Gran coupe a while back with paisley top, imported to Sweden.

  2. JEFF BRENNAN says:

    hey dudes i have a 69 plymouth satellite modtop its white in colour its a matching nombers car and has origenal mop roof it has a perl white paint job with bonnet scoop and chrome rims and a jack kit on the rear the interior is good but the seats were redone a so stage an the mod is replaced on the inserts i live in ireland and car lives here with me i wil try get some pics up i dont have much history on the car and i would like to get more history on it so if anyone noes of any good website please let me no cheers jeff

  3. Ákos says:

    Absolutely! I have one as well, exactly like that. But my top is damaged and i want to renovate it. Where can i get new?

    From Hungary

  4. JEFF BRENNAN says:

    hi akos
    have a look on mooresmodtop you might find what your looking for there!!!

  5. al says:

    I just found a modtop baracuda. A lady has had it for 30 years, just sitting. How much do think it is worth? She told me 4500$, Im just wondering if it is a rare car, and worth the $, or should it just sit for another 30 years?

  6. Bret says:

    We have a newly restored 1969 mod top baracada for sale. Call me at 419-822-1986.

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