Chicago or Bust


A road trip in a run down jalopy must have been a special experience in 1934 and based on the dirty hands these guys have, there were probably plenty of roadside adjustments needed on the Chevy, but these guys made it all the way up from New Orleans to attend the Century of Progress World’s Fair located in Chicago. Impressed with the artistically bedecked Chevy, fair officials gave the boys a special parking permit near the fairs grounds to display their masterpiece. The slogans on the car include :”2 things don’t mix: gas n gin” and “Our moms home waiting for us” I’ll bet the artist Charles A. Dupaquier, went on to have a fine career as an artist. Photograph is courtesy of the University of Illinois at Chicago Library.

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  1. That is really old school. It’s so nice to see pictures like this. It reminds you of what the past looks like.

  2. TireGirl says:

    the guys are so lovely here in their car!

  3. Great Page and love the photo. Reminds me of my grandfather when I was growing up and his gas station. He rebuilt Ford Model As, Model Ts, original Ford Mustang and etc. Brings back memories.

  4. When things get old, so do our interests for it. But when recalled, reminisced, remembered or refreshed, that interest suddenly livens and gives inspiration. Just like the photograph above.

  5. Nice photo! It reminds me of the black and white classic photos of that era. The title Chicago or Bust is so representative of the American dream and the sense of adventure and courage. I am an American citizen but born in Asia. Though I have traveled and lived in Europe and Asia, there is no other country that I would rather live in than the United States. America is home to me!

  6. As a follow up to my previous comment. My grandfather would have loved this blog since he had a passion for cars. I showed it to my mom who is currently in the hospital. She was happy since it reminded her of the good times with her farther which is my grandfather. Thanks, Kenneth Gibbons LLC

  7. Shaun says:

    “2 things don’t mix: gas n gin” Thant’s great! What an amazing piece of history.

  8. I agree with that above comment. “What an amazing piece of history”. Who knows what people will be using in a 100 years for transportation. But the car will always be a piece of American Hisotry. Regards, Sole Proprietorships

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